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Drawing: Ruy Merheb
He studied musical harmony with Ian Guest. At saxophone, he had as master the instrumentalist Nivaldo Ornelas. He worked as transcriber of music for Caetano Veloso's Songbooks and for the 5 volumes of Bossa Nova , produced by Almir Chediak. He took part in music transcription works of " Livrão da Musica Braslieira " produced by Toninho Horta.

Living in Juiz de Fora since 1987, he mantains his musical activities in Rio de Janeiro, where he has taught at
CBM - Brazilian Conservatory of Music - and at CIGAM school " Ian Guest Musical Improvement Center ", as a harmony, flute and saxophone teacher.

Estevão was born in Juiz de Fora - MG. He's the fifteenth son of a big family: 17 children. Through the musical conviviality with the family he learnt and found out the first notes and sounds, taking part of the first musical group of the family : " Os unidos do Abacaterio"(The United of the Avocado tree )". First of all, as percussionist of conga drum (atabaque), ganzá, jew's harp and tambourine; With the recorder (his parents' gift), he began his studies at age of 14 , at Pró-Música Cultural Center /JF. On January 3rd, 1976, he won his first flute, and started his studies with Kim Ribeiro, improving them with Copinha (Nicolino Cópia), in Rio de Janeiro and Odette Ernest Dias, in Brasilia.

In 1980, he moved to Rio, where he lived up to 1987, at Rua João Afonso, in Humaitá. He graduated as Bacharelor of Music at UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro Federal University). He worked as a contracted musician on TV Educativa/RJ for 3 years and he had an active participation in the carioca musical night, with prominences for presentations with his brother Bilinho Teixeira, at Mistura Fina (Rua Garcia D'ávila), where, invited by the trumpeter Márcio Montarroios, had the opportunity to meet and play with important musicians of his generation such as: Heitor TP, Nico Assumpção, Artur Maia, André Tandeta, Vitor Biglione, Ricardo Silveira, José Lourenço, etc. He has returned to "Mistura Fina" (now at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas) in the last years, and he performed among others, with Hélvius Villela, Alberto Continentino, Paulo Malaguti.