Flauta Brasileira (Brazilian Flute)


CD performed in 1998 by CID label
"EstÍv„o Teixeira's music rolls from the hills and invades the homes with roses and prayers, comments and sighs; like river holy water that crosses the city with the same naturality of a trump crossing the street. A musician that vibrates with his own performance. To each detail of the audition**, it incorporates the sound that comes from the boxes and exhibits, (showing joys from one who likes what he does and the secret about one who knows what he wants), in movements and gestures- the invisible marks left by his flute and by his sax. In blows, he does and re-does what existed. Raining in the Rosebush, Catavento, Vera Cross, Train of the Colors and Walk with Faith. Tom Jobim, Milton Nascimento, Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil are some of the composers that EstÍv„o interprets in a generous CD containing thirteen songs (three of his authorship). Also present are various musicians that are considered the elite of instrumental music. With a lot of ability and talent, EstÍv„o is weaving and embroidering a repertoire that arrives to the ears as good news does. The innovation that is in the air comes from the blows of the Brazilian Flute. With that CD, EstÍv„o conquers a place beside the great names of the Brazilian instrumental music".
Jo„o Bosco

1) Catavento (Milton Nascimento) 8) Cor do Olhar (EstÍv„o Teixeira)
2) Andar com Fť (Gilberto Gil) 9) O Bem e o Mal (Danilo Caymmi/Dudķ Falc„o)
3) NotŪcia (Nelson Cavaquinho/Lourival Bahia/Alcides Caminha) 10) NÍgo Maluco (Chico Buarque/Edu Lobo)
4) Trem das Cores (Caetano Veloso) 11) Simone (download - Real Player) (EstÍv„o Teixeira/MŠrcio Hallack)
5) Bala com Bala (Jo„o Bosco/Aldir Blanc) 12) Vera Cruz (Milton Nascimento/MŠrcio Borges)
6) Diana (Toninho Horta) 13) ForÁa Minas (download - Real Player) (EstÍv„o Teixeira)
7) Chovendo na Roseira (AntŰnio Carlos Jobim)  


by Paulo Bittar

EstÍv„o and Jaime Alem

EstÍv„o, Nivaldo Ornelas and Idriss Boudrioua

EstÍv„o and Nivaldo Ornelas

Jurim Moreira, Adriano Giffoni, EstÍv„o and Cristův„o Bastos

EstÍv„o Teixeira and Bilinho Teixeira